Datacard® desktop photo ID card printers are the preferred choice for organizations concerned about card quality, durability, security and value. With their technically advanced features and user-friendly design, they are the industry’s most reliable, most secure, and the easiest way to instantly issue and encode personalized ID cards.

Datacard® SP25 Plus Card Printer
Datacard® SP25 Plus printer offers a unique combination of full-color and rewritable card printing capabilities.

This one-sided printer is designed for low-volume, manual-feed applications and is an ideal solution for issuing retail/loyalty, membership and ID cards.

> Full color printing : Up to 120 cards per hour (YMCKT Tape)
> Monochrome printing : Up to 500 cards per hour (K Tape)

Datacard® SP35 Plus Card printer
Datacard® SP35 Plus card printer offers everything you need to print vivid, one-sided color cards.

With its productive print speed, superb image quality and easy operation, this convenient printer is ideal for issuing education, healthcare, staff IDs — and more.

> Full color printing : Up to 160 cards per hour (YMCKT Tape)
> Monochrome printing : Up to 720 cards per hour (K Tape)

Datacard® SP55 Plus Card Printer
SP55 Plus Card Printer offers fast speeds to maximize productivity for one- or two-sided card printing. It is ideal for delivering high-quality, one- or two-sided cards for corporate, education, loyalty, entertainment and other markets.

This versatile printer can also issue multi-technology photo IDs that provide secure access to facilities, networks and other privileges.

> Full color printing : Up to 190 cards per hour (YMCKT Tape)
> Full color printing : Up to 155 cards per hour (YMCKT-K Tape)
> Monochrome printing : Up to 1000 cards per hour (K Tape)

Datacard® SP75 Plus Card Printer
SP75 Plus card Printer is specifically engineered to deliver highly secure IDs for government agencies, high-tech corporations, universities and other security-minded organizations.

The SP75 Plus card printer offers one standard laminator and a second optional laminator, which can apply Datacard® DuraGard® virtual edge-to-edge laminates. Additional security features include:

> Ultraviolet fluorescent printing
> Theft deterrent software and hardware lock suite
> Can apply the same security laminate to both sides of the card or apply different laminates to each side of the card to improve cost efficiency
> Full color printing : Up to 175 cards per hour (YMCK Ribon Tape on the front and laminage on the back side)
> Full color printing : Up to 165 cards per hour (YMCK-K Tape on the front and K Tape and laminage on the back side)

Datacard RP90 Card Printer
High-performance printing for security applications

The RP90 Plus card printer is engineered for government agencies and other organizations to meet heightened safety and security requirements. To better serve your security requirements, the RP90 Plus card printer has been enhanced with:

– Datacard® Certified Supplies with Intelligent Supplies Technology™
– New printer driver
– RoHS compliant
– Exception card slot

The RP90 Plus printer prints on retransfer film (instead of direct-to-card), a technology that enables printing high-quality photo IDs on a variety of card surfaces, including non-PVC materials that offer significantly higher durability than traditional cards.

– Securely produce contact, contactless, proximity or dual-interface smart cards
– Print up to the edge of a smart card or directly over embedded chips
– Enjoy vivid, sharp results with edge-to-edge covering
– Extend card life and enhance security with the optional RL90 card laminator