In a mobile telephone market characterised by high competition amongst operators, these ones have to multiply circuits of distribution in order to satisfy the day by day increase of customers.

In order to deal with fake cards, avoiding being out of stock, and the production costs of reload cards, ADSNET in partnership with the group INGENICO puts in the market a new solution for the distribution of telephone codes via electronic payment terminals.

This solution consists of introducing on the Terminal keyboard the desired amount to be reloaded. The identity of the reload appears in the course of the handling and in 1 min maximum, a ticket called “Voucher” is edited and the user can enter his code in order to reload his account.


– Increase in Sales

Endowed with an electronic payment terminal, the retailer can renew electronically his stock of codes destined for sales in a flexible and rapid way without depending on the visit of the marketer in charge of restocking.

By doing so, the retailer avoids being out of stock and can face unexpected increase of sales especially during ends of week where there is usually significant sales increase.

The flexibility and rapidity in the restocking of codes leads in many cases to an increase in sales, for a greater benefit of all involved actors : the Operator, the wholesaler and the retailer.

– Elimination of losses due to disappearance, thefts and frauds

Codes that are stocked at once on the server and in the terminal are numbered. Furthermore the retailer has to put a password during each sale; he is therefore responsible of all transactions connected to the sales of codes. As for the wholesaler or the operator, losses risks are also eliminated by the physical absence of cards.

– Abolition of expenses caused by the logistic

The dematerialisation of prepaid cards thanks to an electronic solution enables the automatisation of the whole process and the elimination of fabrication costs, logistic, security and inventory.

– Better market visibility

Information collected by the Back Office enhances a follow up of the completed transactions in real time and by point of sale. The Operator, Wholesaler or the local Distributor can thereby follow daily the results of a promotional campaign on a part or in his entire network. The quantity of codes available on each terminal can also be controlled in order to avoid stock outage.

– Rapid diversification of the activity

The dematerialisation helps the Operator to market a new range of codes within a very short period of time.

– Interactive Communication

The Operator, the Wholesaler as well as the points of sales can profit from the tickets edited by the Terminal to pest advertising messages or customers informations.