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Considering the increasing demands of businesses and individuals in terms of protection, control and flexibility in the management of access to buildings, facilities and machinery, ADSNET offers access control solutions based on tested and powerful technologies (card reader, biometrics, etc.)..

These solutions range from simple access control to the management of multiple facilities.



Access control is made from card readers, biometric readers that can be embellished with a PIN, which ensure maximum authentication of a person wishing to have access to the facility.

This person holds a personalized card/badge, within which was defined access rules dictated by the company.



 Securing access to buildings and facilities.

 Enhanced security of risky facilities.

Planing and management of admissions and visits.

Management of listings attendance.

Statistical flows analysis.

Self-service features.

Creation of alerts process.

Effective management of evacuations in case of fire or accident.

Coupling Access control with CCTV.

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