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Unlike supplies from other manufacturers, Datacard Group designs print ribbons, protective overlays, topcoats and cleaning tape specifically for your card printer. So you can count on smooth, error-free printing and exceptional uptime. You can depend on Datacard® Advanced Imaging Technology™ to print the industry's most crisp, vivid photos, graphics and text on every card.

Regular cleaning is the easiest, most cost-effective way to prevent downtime caused by mishandled cards, diminished image quality or damaged printheads

Monochrome Ribbons
Monochrome ribbons are available in a variety of colors for use in any card program. Add single-colored logos, graphics, text or bar code images with high-yield thermal transfer technology. Our monochrome ribbons advance just enough to print an image, rather than the traditional full card width advancement – reducing your overall costs..
  • > Automatic ribbon conservation and error-free loading.
  • > “scratch-off ” Ribbons available.
  • > Available colors : Black, white, red, blue, green, silver, gold, , turquoise, violet
Color Print Ribbons

Designed exclusively for Datacard® printers, our color ribbons can help you achieve the best image quality, most reliable printer performance and lowest possible cost-per-card.

Our complete line of color print ribbons uses Advanced Imaging Technology™ to produce brilliant, true-to-life photos and crisp bar codes, logos and text. Plus, each ribbon is longer, allowing for more printed images per roll.

These ribbons also leverage our patented RF (radio frequency) technology to provide automated color and image density adjustment, ribbon usage tracking and ribbon conservation.

Card Durability and security Laminates

Clear Topcoat
Protects cards from cracks, chips, abrasion, moisture and chemical reactions.

Datacard® DuraGard® Clear Laminate
 > Provides stronger protection against abrasion and chemical attack
 > Extends the life of national IDs, driver's licenses and other IDs that are costly to reissue

Datacard® DuraGard® Secureprint Laminate

 > Combines the durability of DuraGard clear laminates with higher security
 > Adds customizable areas for logos or text, plus a standard holographic image

Datacard® DuraGard® Holographic Laminate
 > Features an embedded custom hologram that is virtually impossible to alter or duplicate
 > Offers optical variable devices (OVDs): color-shift ink, UV ink and microtext

Datacard® DuraGard® Optigram® Laminate
 > Maximizes card security for the most demanding applications
 > Incorporates highly sophisticated overt and covert OVDs
 > Choose multiple custom options: guilloche patterns, holograms, laser retrievable covert text, SecureText™ microprinting

Cleaning supplies

Designed to meet the unique requirements of your ID card printer, our cleaning supplies include :

- An operator-replaceable sleeve that cleans cards before and after printing.

- An isopropanol pen that helps clean hard-to-reach areas and remove stubborn debris.

Datacard® cleaning supplies are available in ribbon kits and sold separately.

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