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Datacard® SE 48 Card Issuance System

The Datacard ® SE48 Card System offers security and card personalization features issuers need to produce industry standard personalized ATM, debit and credit cards
The SE48 system is highly compatible with the Datacard® Affina® Personalization Manager software and EMV migration strategies

  • Embossing / Topping.
  • Front and Rear Indent Printing
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Smart card contact
  • Smart card contacless
Datacard® 150i Desktop Card Personalization System

Datacard ® 150 i card personalization system is affordable to issue embossed ATM, debit and credit cards in minutes and put them directly in customers' hands. It is ideal for helping banks, credit unions and retailers offer new card products, increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • Expedite card activation and usage.
  • Build your brand and grow your business.
  • Reduce mailing costs and related risks.
Datacard® 275 Card Personalization System

The Datacard ® 275 card personalization system enables hospitals and other cost-conscious healthcare providers to emboss plastic cards for quick and accurate patient identification and charge tracking. The system is fast, quiet and highly reliable.

  • Identify patient documents with one imprint.
  • Improve staff productivity.
  • Expect easy installation and operation.
Datacard® 280P Card Personalization System

The Datacard ® 280P card personalization system issues high-quality credit and debit cards on demand with . This reliable system offers a range of personalization capabilities, making it ideal for issuing embossed credit, debit and ATM cards.

  • Deliver attractive, durable credit or debit cards instantly.
  • Improve productivity with fast performance.
  • Protect cards and data with security features.
Datacard® 295 Card Personalization System

The Datacard ® 295 card personalization system gives healthcare providers a fast, secure way to issue attractive patient IDs and other high-impact personalized cards that build your brand, improve the patient experience and help reduce costs.

  • Strengthen your image with graphics and logos.
  • Implement powerful patient ID programs.
  • Minimize your capital investment.
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