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Solutions from Celtro facilitate the smooth evolution of mobile backhaul networks in any scenario. Suitable for any mobile backhaul infrastructure – leased lines, satellite and microwave – Celtro solutions are easily installed and integrate smoothly into provider networks.

Whether providers are striving to migrate to IP/MPLS packet-based backhaul, rollout HSPA and mobile broadband services, converge 2G and WiMax services over a unified backhaul, cost-effectively transition from 2G to 3G, or maximize profits from existing 2G networks – Celtro's intelligent solutions raise backhaul network performance while minimizing infrastructure expenses.

About Celtro
Headquartered in Israel with offices in the US, Latin America, Africa and Asia, privately-owned. Celtro was founded in 2001 as a business unit within ECI Telecom and was spun-off in 2003 as a privately-owned, independent company
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