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Wincor Nixdorf's full portfolio covers innovative hardware and software, IT services to flank operations and consulting services to develop custom-optimized solutions. Wincor Nixdorf has a wide range of innovative machines for this purpose that have been optimized in terms of ergonomics and security specifically for banks and retail companies.
Wincor Nixdorf's software solutions are based on mathematical optimization models. They enable the replenishment intervals of automated teller machines or safes to be identified exactly.
ProCash 1500 xe
Monofunction Cash Dispenser
The ProCash 1500xe is the entry-level system in Wincor Nixdorf‘s ProCash product family.
With its compact size, it is the ideal system for locations at which space is limited and the focus is on cash handling.
Featuring up to four cassettes, the ProCash 1500xe also guarantees maximum availability in installations outside bank foyers, for example at service stations or supermarkets.
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ProCash 2000 xe
Monofunction Cash Dispenser for lobby installations
The ProCash 2000xe is a compelling solution as it comes with a small footprint and delivers maximum availability.
The integrated stepper motor enables cassettes to be emptied down to the very last note.
The wide range of installation options – combined with prefabricated frames – makes it possible to install this system even in locations where space is limited.
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ProCash 2050 xe
Monofunction cash dispenser
The layout of controls on the ProCash 2050xe guarantees privacy even when cash is withdrawn at busy locations such as pedestrian zones and shopping malls.
This effect is hanced by the optional privacy display filter. The system attracts increased attention with its customizable backlit logo panel on the outer frame, which is visible from a considerable distance.
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ProCash 2150 xe
Multifonctional ATM for Outdoors and lobby installations

ProCash 2150xe is a full function ATM for use outdoors and in lobbies that offers a wide range of services and ensures discretion

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