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Their wireless connectivity (GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) ensures the integrity and security of transactions even in the most difficult environments. Wireless terminals are compact and lightweight with wide backlit screens and color display (on certain models), fast easy-loading printers and an extended battery life.
iWL Touch Series: The 1st Payment Platform Designed for Merchant Business Services

Differentiate by turning a payment device into an interactive Point of Services. Reinvent payment apps' user experience with an elegant TouchScreen device. Boost merchant productivity with tailor-made business apps. Develop new revenue for merchant with extra sales apps. Change merchant daily life with a next generation device.

iWL 200 Series : A full range of pocket-size mobile solutions

Remaining connected in the most demanding situations, even on-the-go, whilst increasing productivity and maximizing revenue opportunities are crucial aims in today's ever-changing business environments. Ingenico's new range of mobile terminal solutions is geared to enable merchants to rise to these challenges.

EFT930 Series : Address any mobile payment scenario

The EFT930 series combines a peerless choice of rapid communication and connectivity options with 32-bit ARM processing and state-of-the-art security, enabling you to address any mobile payment scenario – including contactless – yet still realize ultra fast yet cost-effective transactions.

iWB Bio Series : Biometric transactions with mobility

iWB Bio series Terminals are 1st mobile terminals for agents delivering financial services at the last mile.

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