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The need for quality services and to develop a good relationship with the customers are a necessity given the increase competition in the petroleum sector.

For this purpose, ADSNET puts at the disposal of oil companies, an electronic purse solution and customer loyalty considering specific aspects linked to the environment in which these companies operate, such as:

The management of petroleum cards.
The treatment of important products Volume.
Payment at the pump and in store.
And many others.

The solution is based on :

A personnalizable privative smartcard : the colours of the company emitting are clear and visible, and the card is nominative with the informations of the carrier.

Security is guaranteed  : The carrier's secret code, confidentiality of informations.

Flexibility in all use : the card can either be personal or be for the company, it is reloadable through all the terminal payment stations available in various selling points chosen by the company.

Customer Loyalty Account  : every purchase or consumption with the card, credits the Customer Loyalty Account of the card carrier and thanks to the credit in the account, he might have access to products, services or gifts from the emitting company.


- Better relationship with customers

The use of the privative card greatly permits to have a better relationship with your customers in a precise follow-up of consumption. This allows a better elaboration of marketing strategies.

- The amelioration of quality services through an easier payment by the client

The customer will only have to introduce the card in an electronic payment Terminal and the amount of consumption is retailed after the introduction of the secret code.

The customer could also use his card for the purchase of other goods (stores …) and services (drainages,) available at the service stations.

- The amelioration of the quality of services by a better follow-up of expenditures made by customers

Payment by card permits the customer or the customer's company to have a better follow-up of his petrol consumption; the customer have access to his consumption statistics and it helps to better manage his expectations, the control of his mileage, thus limiting eventual lose.

- The amelioration of service quality by a greater purchase flexibilit .

The client could choose a flexible configuration for his purchases (in liters, numbers or amounts), for the card use (hourly sections, daily sections, days of the week).

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