ADSNET is specialized in the supply and installation
of CCTV and access control systems. Our expertise
has to do with the supply and installation of:

CCTV cameras,

Video security systems,

DVR numerical recorder,

Mini spying cameras,

Hidden cameras,

cables and video connections for particulars and


CCTV represents technical systems permitting the distant surveillance of buildings, goods and persons with the support of video cameras.

CCTV shows the effectiveness of a professional televise camera and the comfort vision with those cameras.

The goal being to be able to watch the desired areas from far and near and to save data on a hard disc through a DVR (numerical recorder), which helps in the immediate research of past events and the IP watch. A software permits the optimum use of the system and the complete management of data.


CCTV is well known by professionals as an essential working tool for all the economical actors facing insecurity’s problems. It is the most effective means to fight against delinquency, as the saying goes «to see is to know»

The main advantages of CCTV are :

The prevention of delinquency through dissuasion: capture and facial acknowledgement.

The protection of stock and store houses against theft, damage and lost objects.

Access Control: access into buildings/ halls/things reserved only for authorised persons.

The facilitation of lawbreakers arrest by supplying all indications to the police.

A better surveillance of the ticket desk and the reception.